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From New York to California




My loan specialist walked me through the whole process. I had been denied at a few places and he was able to place three options in front of me with different early payoff incentives. Based on my new customers net terms I was able to get a maximum approval at 12 months and I saved 10% on the cost of funding by paying it off in under 6 months.
— Mary, Electronics Manufacturer

I had a three cash advance products and the constant daily pulls from my main operating account were becoming a issue. I was able to consolidate by using the company building as collateral for a 3rd of the cash advance money and I only have 1 payment a month.
— Derek, Construction

Hi Joe,
I appreciate all your help! I will admit, I didn’t think it would be
this easy, so thank you for showing me the way.
I did receive the wire transfer notice this morning - this will be so
— Mark, Electronic parts distributor

Our business was fortunate enough to grow considerably within about a 30-day period, which required significant up-front capital to fund our additional payroll. We reached out to JB Merchant Capital to see what they could do to help. Within 5-business days we had the necessary cashflow to ease through the transition and continue our forward momentum. I would like to thank JB Merchant Capital, and in particular J. Burns, who have enabled me to sleep with both eyes closed and a clear conscience. Thanks for your temperament and responsiveness. You get my vote.
— Rich, Greentech

I was denied a couple times by lenders for not having favorable credit. My approval came in just 2 days and I was funded the same week. Thank you.
— Johan, Transportation company